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Dear customers,
Always read the instructions for use carefully before using any TFK products. If you do not have the required instructions for use for any reason, all TFK manuals are available for free download here. Catalogues for 2020 are available for downloading on the links below.


TFK Mono strollers leaflet (czech) tfk-mono-letak-2020_cz.pdf3.51 MB
TFK Duo strollers leaflet (czech) tfk-duo-letak-2020_cz.pdf4.89 MB
TFK Mono /strollers leaflet (english) tfk-mono-letak-2020_en.pdf956.14 KB
TFK Duo strollers leaflet (english) tfk-duo-letak-2020_en.pdf950.13 KB
TFK Mono strollers leaflet (german) tfk-mono-letak-2020_de.pdf963.16 KB
TFK Duo strollers leaflet (german) tfk-duo-letak-2020_de.pdf949.04 KB